Traffic & Workzone Products

AURA 196 Fluorescent Prismatic

Features exceptionally durable fluorescent colors for extended outdoor use. AURA 196 Fluorescent Prismatic is a cellular retroreflective sheeting featuring microprismatic reflective optics. A perfect option for both traffic signs and temporary construction signing applications where greater sign visibility is required.

AURA 196 Fluorescent Prismatic sheeting enhances sign visibility 24 hours per day. The durable fluorescent colors improve the daytime visibility of traffic signs, especially during inclement weather or low daylight conditions at dusk or dawn. Further, our microprismatic reflective optics meet a number of industry retroreflectivity specifications. Key features include:

  • Availability of three different fluorescent colors.
  • An aggressive adhesive suitable for use on aluminum, painted steel, and certain plastic sign substrates.
  • Tiled microprismatic optical elements for a more uniform reflective appearance across multiple viewing angles.
  • Can be digitally printed with various printing systems.

Product Literature:
Data Bulletin
Independent Test Report - Fluorescent Orange
Independent Test Report - Fluorescent Yellow Green

AURA 196 Prismatic

A cellular microprismatic reflective sheeting offering greater levels of retroreflection compared with traditional glass-bead high intensity sheeting. Up to 10-years durability for permanent traffic signs.

Data Bulletin
Independent Test Report - White

AURA 191 High Intensity Prismatic (Metalized)

Features a single-layer, metalized microprismatic construction for easier sign fabrication and up to 5-years durability. The product allows for durable traffic and workzone signs that will not easily bruise upon impact.

AURA 191 is metalized high intensity prismatic sheeting for use on traffic signs, construction work zone signs, and vehicle safety applications. The product consists of a single-layer metalized construction for impact resistance and enhanced sign durability. Key features include:

  • Metalized, single-ply construction to prevent edge-lifting and eliminate water ingress on cut letters or numbers.
  • Tiled microprismatic optical elements for a more uniform reflective appearance across multiple viewing angles.
  • Digitally printable with many different printing systems.
  • Aggressive high-tack adhesive for bonding to many different sign substrates.
  • Excellent handling for easier sign fabrication due to the proprietary Hybrid Polymer technology of the face film.

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AURA 173 Prismatic Super Engineer Grade

Superior reflectivity levels compared with glass-bead or prismatic engineer grade alternatives. The product features a single-layer, metalized microprismatic construction, which allows for easier handling, lamination, and edge trimming. Durability of up to 7-years for permanent traffic signs.

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AURA 150 Metalized High Intensity Prismatic

A microprismatic reflective film designed for use on delineators, work zone barricades, beacons, and similar traffic channelizing devices. It is available in a variety of pre-striped formats and incorporates an aggressive adhesive suitable for use on many plastic substrates and other difficult surfaces.

AURA 150 provides a unique product construction compared with competitive work zone reflective sheetings. Instead of the traditional two-layer reflective film construction, which often suffers from face film lifting or delamination, AURA® 150 has a single-layer product construction to maintain its structural integrity for longer periods of use. This provides for extended work zone barricade life.

AURA 150 provides exceptional long-distance reflectivity with typical reflectivity levels greater than 500. The product meets the requirements of ASTM D-4956, Type III; EN-12899, Class RA2, and many other high intensity reflective sheeting specifications.

AURA 150 Metalized High Intensity Prismatic has been approved for use in a number of different countries and States. Please contact us for a current list of approvals and homologations.

Product Literature:
Sell Sheet
Independent Test Report -SP Technical Institute of Sweden

Product Data Bulletins:
North America Data Bulletin
Europe Data Bulletin
Sweden Data Bulletin

AURA 124 Digital Engineer Grade

A glass-bead reflective sheeting with a cast vinyl face film for use on most digital printers. Features a permanent adhesive for application to traffic sign blanks. Durability up to 7-years with reflectivity levels greater than 70. Exceeds the requirements of ASTM D-4956 Type 1 and EN-12899 Class 1.

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AURA 122 Digital Commercial Grade

A glass-bead reflective sheeting with a cast vinyl face film for use on most digital printers. Features a permanent acrylic adhesive with a durability up to 3-years with reflectivity levels greater than 50.

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AURA 120/121 Polyester Reflective Film

A series of rugged enclosed-lens reflective sheetings with a PET polyester face film. Excellent choice for construction work zone signs or other temporary signing applications. Durability up to 2-years.

AURA 121 (and its sister product AURA 120) are rugged, work-horse reflective sheeting products useful in a variety of applications. From work-zone signing to long-range bar code scanning labels, from real estate signs to vehicle striping, the applications for these products are endless.

AURA 120 Polyester Commercial Grade.   Reflective polyester film for short-term signing applications.  Very strong and difficult to tear. 
AURA 120 Data Bulletin

AURA 121 Polyester "printable" Commercial Grade.   Printable version of AURA 120 polyester reflective film.  Contains a thin acrylic top-coat for improved printing with many different ink systems. 
AURA 121 Data Bulletin

AURA 121E Polyester "printable" Engineer Grade.   Upgraded version of AURA 121 reflective film with higher reflectivity.
AURA 121E Data Bulletin

AURA 104 Engineer Grade (High UV)

An enclosed lens retroreflective film designed for permanent traffic signing applications requiring durability up to 7-years.  Conforms to the requirements of ASTM D-4956 Type 1 and EN-12899 Class 1.  

AURA 104 is a durable, enclosed lens sheeting exceeding industry specifications for Engineer Grade, including ASTM D4956, Type 1 and EN12899, Class RA1.

In the United States, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Engineer Grade sheeting can be used for all classifications of signs with the exception of white legend on guide signs, white legend on street name signs, and yellow or orange series warning signs.

AURA 104 Engineer Grade sheeting is an excellent and cost-effective option to comply with these minimum reflectivity requirements for "White on Red" and "Black on White" series signs.   After outdoor weathering in Florida, AURA® 104 has been shown to maintain reflectivity levels substantially above the minimum requirements for these sign classifications.

Literature And References:
Product Data Bulletin
Florida Weathering Report
Glass Bead Product Literature

Traffic Signing Accessories

AURA 109 Destructible Legend Film

An opaque, non-reflective pressure-sensitive film to create legend, borders, and graphics on traffic signs. Once applied, the film cannot be removed without tearing. Up to 10-years durability. Available in Black.

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AURA 8100 Screen Ink

A one-component, solvent-based acrylic screen printing ink. For use on most Aura Optical Systems' microprimsatic and other reflective signing products.

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MSDS - Black
MSDS - Red
MSDS - Blue