AURA 135 Conspicuity Tape

Industry studies have shown that conspicuity tape can enhance nighttime safety by allowing easier detection of trucks and trailers. We offer a full line of products exceeding DOT-C2 requirements.

Product Information

Aura Optical Systems offers two different grades of conspicuity tape as part of the Aura 135 Conspicuity Tape product line.

Features of each include:

  • Single-layer, metalized construction to prevent edge-lifting.
  • Microprismatic reflective optics for enhanced nighttime visibility.
  • Aggresive adhesive for bonding to difficult subtrates.
  • Meets the requirements of FMVSS-108 and contains DOT-C2 marking.
  • Can be customized with a corporate logo or graphic.

AURA 135-HY (Hybrid Polymer). Incorporates our proprietary Hybrid Polymer technology for a stronger and more impact resistant conspicuity tape. Durability of 7 years.
Data Bulletin

AURA 135-AM (Aftermarket Grade). Most cost-effective solution to replace a few strips of conspicuity tape on existing traliers or vehicles. Durability of 3 years.
Data Bulletin

Additional Literature and References:
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