Aura Optical Systems offers a range of product development and custom manufacturing services designed to help our customers achieve their end goals.

Services include:
• Electroforming
• Adhesive Formulating
• Custom Microreplication Manufacturing
• Laboratory Prototyping
• Ink & Coatings Research
• Toll Manufacturing
• Optical Design
• Custom Product Development
• Tooling Assembly

Recent Examples

To assist a projection screen manufacturer in creating more visual contrast in their final product, we designed a special light management film to be used as a component of their screens. We leveraged our optical design and microreplication technologies to make this project a success.

A client developed a special imaging film for outdoor signing applications. However, they continually had problems with the film lifting from the intended substrate. The client approached us to solve these problems. After we fixed the problem by redesigning the adhesive system and structural supporting layers, we then toll-manufactured the product for the customer.