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Specialists in adhesive films and retroreflective technologies.

Aura Optical Systems was originally established with the intent of bringing new technology and innovation to the reflective films and traffic safety market.  By collaborating with a few select customers, the company began to develop specific product solutions for several traffic safety applications.

Aura Optical focuses on niche market opportunities and product segments. We are not trying to copy our larger competition to be everywhere or to be all things everyone. Instead, by focusing on select areas, we can leverage our technical expertise and service capabilities to the advantage of our customers.  In many instances, we will develop custom products for specific applications.  To this end, we strive to create long-lasting relationships with our customers, not simply transactional relationships.  

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We believe that business is earned through 4 basic principles. First, develop strong performing products that exceed the customer’s needs and expectations. Second, provide first-class service through excellent communication and responsiveness. Third, conduct business in an honest fashion and treat all employees, customers, and vendors with respect. Finally, offer a fair price.

Aura Optical Systems is approaching its 10 year anniversary. Since our inception, we have experienced steady growth, and we now have a presence on four different continents. Our manufacturing occurs at six different locations around the globe. And, although a small company, we have a global network of distributors and sales representatives. 

Please contact us directly or through one of our sales representatives with your next reflective or adhesive film need to see how a long-lasting partnership can be created.