License Plate & Vehicle Registration Products

AURA 134 Optical Laminating Adhesive

An optically clear solvent-based acrylic transfer tape adhesive, specifically design for use in the assembly of vehicle number plates incorporating a back-face laminate reflective material.

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AURA 117 Embossable License Plate Film

A flexible, enclosed lens retroreflective film for use in the fabrication of embossed number plates. With a cast PVC face film, the product can be printed with many different printing technologies, including thermal transfer printing. AURA 117 is our most popular reflective number plate sheeting.

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AURA 114 Reflective Film

A back-face laminate reflective film for use in the fabrication of vehicle number plates. Contains a specially engineered printing surface for use through thermal transfer, ink jet, or other digital printers.

AURA 114 is specifically designed for use in the fabrication of vehicle numbers plates incorporating an acrylic or other plastic face plate.

The face-side of the product contains a specially engineered surface allowing for exceptional printing results on thermal transfer printers, ink-jet printers, and through many other digital or traditional printing methods. The reverse-side of the product contains a supporting polyester layer for easy handling.

AURA 114 can be used in the manufacturing of vehicle number plates to meet the UK specification BS AU 145d:1998, the French specification "Arrété du 1er Avril 1996" modified by "Arrété du 27 Avril 2007", and other industry standards.

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AURA 108 Commercial Grade / Reflective Validation Sticker Film

An acrylic-based commercial grade sheeting for destructible or tearable applications. Perfect for vehicle validations stickers. Durability of 2-years.

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