AURA 191T Metalized High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting

Unlike other reflective sheetings, which rely upon two-layer air-celled constructions, AURA 191T consists of a single-layer metalized construction. This offers a more durable signing solution, which is impact resistant and resists face delamination. Plus, AURA 191T can be digitally printed with many printing systems for rapid sign fabrication.

Product Information

AURA 191T is metalized high intensity prismatic sheeting for use on traffic signs, construction work zone signs, and vehicle safety applications. The product consists of a single-layer metalized construction for impact resistance and enhanced sign durability.

Key features include:

  • Metalized, single-ply construction to prevent edge-lifting and eliminate water ingress on cut letters or numbers.
  • Tiled microprismatic optical elements for a more uniform reflective appearance across multiple viewing angles.
  • Digitally printable with many different printing systems.
  • Aggressive high-tack adhesive for bonding to many different sign substrates.
  • Excellent handling for easier sign fabrication due to the proprietary Hybrid Polymer technology of the face film.

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